The old west gunfight of cybersecurity

How much do you worry about hackers? I used to worry about it a lot, because it all seemed so terrifying to me.

A person with the right hardware, no matter where they are in the world, has the ability to dig into my private life and destroy it, or simply make it disappear. We have all heard stories about millions of people having their financial info stolen in one fell swoop. And then some hackers target individuals, and can use the computer uplink to invade every aspect of their personal and private life. Who wouldn’t be terrified? I probably spend too much time worrying about cybersecurity, but it is hard for me to let it go. The more I learn about mobile security, SIEM solutions, and TDR the more I realize I will never be able to learn all of this. Hackers and cybersecurity experts are constantly engaged in a battle of wits where they crack the other side’s code, only to have their code cracked in return. Sometimes a hacker will attack the firewall security with a very light attack, because they gather so much data from the response. Once they have the network security protocols figured out, they can easily crush the site, but in doing so they leave cyber traces that the security team can use against them. The battle for cybersecurity solutions is like an old west gunfight, only each side collects the bullets, reconfigures them, and then shoots them back at the other side. I don’t claim to fully understand it, but I know it’s importance.


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I needed better website security

True story, about the first and last time I ran my very own website. It was right after my book got published, and I had a killer plan for a way to promote it. Instead of just putting up snippets from the novel, or posting reviews, I would use the place to host all new original content from the world of the book. It was a horror novel set in a small town, and the website had personal accounts and news stories from that town. I thought it was great, and I enjoyed writing it, until a single day I went to log in and it was gone. I only had the most basic of desktop security, and whatever cloud security my account had came with for free, however these meager protections were not enough, and my data was gone, my content was gone, my entire website had been wiped clean, and I needed a cybersecurity expert simply to explain what had happened; After a long lecture about firewall protection, data encryption, and VPN serves, I realized that none of this was making any sense to me. I realized that cybersecurity was so complex, and so different from anything else, that me trying to do it myself would be just as easy as performing surgery on myself. In other words, you can try and install some programs or whatever, however people spend years learning effective cybersecurity solutions, and occasionally you have to leave things for the experts. Instead of bothering to try and understand what he was saying, I just hired the cybersecurity expert to do it for me.


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HVAC Improvements are Good Choice for Breathing

For a long time, I didn’t really give a rat’s behind about having good air quality and being healthy.

It wasn’t until I was having breathing complications and went to see the nurse practitioner that I realized how substantial numerous Heating, Ventilation and A/C components are. The nurse practitioner told me that it was because of our lack of Heating, Ventilation and A/C service and decreasing our air filters officially that I was having breathing complaints. He also said how it was a good idea to get our ductwork plan cleaned officially! From that moment moving forward, I decided that I would make our Heating, Ventilation and A/C plan service a priority and I would eat better foods and focus on getting healthier. I was quick to reach out to our local Heating, Ventilation and A/C supplier to get the Heating, Ventilation and A/C professional to do many things that the nurse practitioner recommended . I was basically just doing it all after I told him how I needed to have the air quality improved in our home. I had the ductwork professionally cleaned, got a UV air purification plan installed, and I also started using HEPA air filters; in addition, the Heating, Ventilation and A/C professional informed me about their Heating, Ventilation and A/C service plans. To prove that I was not going to be lazy about our Heating, Ventilation and A/C plan service, I went ahead and purchased their Heating, Ventilation and A/C service plan. I think it was smart because I’m going to save a sizable amount of cash on our Heating, Ventilation and A/C service and repairs with this contract. To be honest, ever since I forked out the dough for this Heating, Ventilation and A/C service plan, I haven’t had any breathing complications and I am so much happier.



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Improved Health for Baby

My sibling and I have always been pretty close over the years and we nurtured this unbreakable bond and we always looked out for one another… Eventually, the two of us both made our way in the world and then the two of us settled down and got married to beautiful women; It’s funny how the two of us always had similar concepts and goals however would do things in our own way.

I chose a modern house with a modern fireplace along with a boiler system, he chose a little cottage-like house with a ductless mini split air conditioner.

He told me how he thinks the ductless mini split is perfect because it has built in air purification, Heating, Ventilation and A/C zone control, and it’s highly energy efficient. Well, my central heating and cooling is also easily efficient and I have an energy efficient unit as well however it uses a ductwork system. I don’t have his new fangled ductless system, but I was able to hook up a nice UV air purification plan to my central a/c that also utilizes the ductwork to improve the air quality throughout the entire house. Admittedly, the two of us both are fortunate in that we have good air quality in our respective abodes; This was also easily substantial to us when the two of us both decided to start families with our lovely wives. Even though our sibling had built in air purification with his ductless mini split, I also talked him into getting a UV whole-house air purifier for when his baby came because the UV light destroys harmful pathogens in the air. He was thankful for the info because it helped him to recognize at ease knowing his baby would be healthier. I was just happy to help and I’m entirely pleased that our children are able to get along so well with each other. All of us both want to have more kids now, too.



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Cookie Party is Fun but Better HVAC is Even Better

Then I felt I was ready to host a cookie exchange at our house

I went on our first cookie exchange last winter in addition to I absolutely had a charming time. I guess undoubtedly the thing that impressed me even more than the cookies was the house. The big house was actually inviting in addition to scrub with fantastic air quality. The temperature control settings were good in addition to the beautiful house having radiant flooring throughout. I thought it was such a charming in addition to cozy atmosphere in addition to I felt like I didn’t want to go home. The people I was with and I had a wide variety of delicious in addition to fancily decorated cookies, in addition to I thought it was such a superb idea for a gathering. I couldn’t get over how creative some of these people were in addition to I was eager to get recipes from the other bakers at the cookie exchange. The host was the most impressive with the most complicated recipes, even though I also asked the hostess about her HVAC plan in addition to who she had trusted to put in such a fantastic oil furnace. He also let me know that there was also a powerful UV air purification plan which was why the air quality was so obviously fresh and inviting. I ended up taking down the contact information for the HVAC contractor she depended on for her family. Later on, I saved up enough cash to have radiant radiant floors installed in my kitchen and bedroom along with a nice UV air purification plan as well. Then I felt I was ready to host a cookie exchange at our house. I felt appreciate I had a whole new household with our new HVAC components. I also made sure to invite the lovely blonde woman who hosted my first cookie exchange. I was blissful when she brought amazing cookies and also noticed my new HVAC system!

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Getting Married was a Surprise

It’s funny because I never would have thought I’d have the great husband I have now.

I absolutely met my great husband a long time ago because he was a neighbor of our little sibling.

They would always be together while I would hang out with our girlfriends. A few times this little kid wanted to talk to me in addition to would say that I was so pretty in addition to things to appreciate that, in addition to I just guffawed at him in addition to telling him to keep dreaming. Of course I thought that little kid was really a sweetie pie, even though I never saw any potential for a blossoming romance. I consistently wanted a real man who could sweep me off our feet, which is how young ladies our age felt. Over the years, I had weird besties who I thought I cared about a lot, but I never found the one. I ended up residing on our own in an apartment. Then 1 morning I had to call the HVAC contractor because something was wrong with our heating and cooling system. I was shocked when I opened the door for the HVAC worker. It was our little sibling’s grown up friend, who was now an HVAC professional. He absolutely recognized me in addition to grinned at me. He was able to absolutely service our HVAC complication in addition to then he ended up asking me to dinner. I almost had the urge to say to him, “Yeah right, in your dreams,” however he was so adorable in addition to I couldn’t turn him down. The people I was with and I dated for a few years in addition to eventually he asked me to be with him forever. Now he’s the perfect hubby in addition to I never thought this would be my life!


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Thinking of high velocity AC

I have been looking into a high velocity AC system.

The main draw towards this system is the ductwork.

This cooling system uses bendy, flexible ducts that are half the size. Typical central HVAC systems have 8 inch metal ducts that are hard to move and put in a house. The installation for this has a HVAC contractor smashing the walls and ceiling to install it. Older homes simply cannot take the ductwork installation process. With high velocity AC, the little ducts can easily bend into the slats of an older home. The installation is so much gentler, less invasive and doesn’t cause the amount of damage the typical way does. For my ancient home, I really need a gentle installation. Another reason I want the cooling system is how it works. I live way down south where it is hot most of the year. I have tried ductless cooling and it doesn’t have the power I want. I need high velocity AC because it is the most powerful cooling system on the market. It can quickly whip the air within the ductwork to make the entire room cold. Rather than take 30-60 minutes to cool the whole house, it only takes this system a few minutes. On very hot days it would be nice to not have the house all gross and sticky. The cost of the system is not that much compared to most cooling units. The only thing is finding a HVAC dealer that has this specialty cooling unit.

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Thinking about a geothermal heat pump

I have been looking into heat pump systems.

What is scaring me away is the installation and the upfront cost.

I really want a geothermal heat pump that buries the outdoor unit under the yard. This way the outdoor unit can use existing heat energy at the ground level for heating or pump in the cold air for cooling. If you think about it, the air is much colder underground than it is in the air during the summer. The same is with heating during the winter. The air quality is also much cleaner and fresher doing it this way. The already hefty heat pump installation bill goes up since there is digging involved though. Everything I read online says that my geothermal heat pump system will pay back itself after a few months of use. I really need it to do that. Right now the cost of the actual system and installation has me a little worried. I really want this efficient method of heating and cooling. I am sick of dirty indoor air conditions and paying for a HVAC unit that hardly works. I am going to at least get 15 years out of the system. So if I take that HVAC price and divide it by 15 years, it shouldn’t cost too much to run per day. I am hoping it is worth spending a little extra on HVAC. Maybe that means I am getting a better system overall. I don’t know anyone else that has a geothermal heat pump. So I need to take what I read online and hope what they are saying is true.

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The air filter is made for homes with terrible smells

When my wife and I decided to move to the country, neither one of us thought about the consequences.

Both of us were excited to get out of the city.

We found a 4 bedroom and 2 bathroom country house with a barn and a stable. My wife and I were surprised that we got so much land for such a cheap price. The country house needed some repairs, but it was in surprisingly good shape. My wife and I made some changes to the house as soon as we bow to the property. We build a large fence around the backyard so we can keep both of our dogs inside of the yard. We fixed the porch and placed a swing on the west corner facing the sun. We also bought a horse and a couple of chickens. As soon as the first sign of spring began, the farmers in the area started planting their fields. That’s when the terrible order began. My wife and I smelled farm manure all day and all night and it was terribly pungent. I was ready to sell the house and move back to the city, but my wife had a much better idea. She went to the hardware store and she picked up an air filter that is made for homes with terrible smells. The air filter has a charcoal shelter that is made to repeal the worst smells and odors. The air filter is significantly more expensive than the old one that we used, but it certainly gets rid of the farm smells in their hair.
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When the car broke down, my son started to panic

My husband and I were fighting one night and I decided to pack up the car and leave. I wasn’t going to spend another night in that house while he yelled and screamed for absolutely no reason at all. I wasn’t going to take my son, but my husband was drunk and he was yelling and screaming. I put a jacket on my son and I put his boots on his feet and we went to the car. My husband knew I was serious, so he didn’t even try to stop me. My son and I were in the car and it was pitch black outside. It started to snow and I could not see anything in front of the car. All of a sudden, I hit a patch of ice and swerved into a tree. The car broke down and my son started to panic. I told him not to worry, because everything was going to be just fine. We had plenty of heat in the car and we had food, water, and blankets. I turned on the heater and I covered up my son with all of the blankets in the backseat. I stood outside in the cold and I tried to flag down a vehicle. Eventually, a dark-colored truck came out of the forest and pulled up behind the car. Of course it was my husband coming to look for my son and I. He wasn’t going to let us leave without looking for me. Even though we were fighting and I was mad as hell, I’ve never been so happy to see his face.

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