I Need To Expand My Fitness

I want to be able to perform at a higher level as a gymnast at the university I attend.

When I’m in school I work hardcore at the gym on my performance, but once Summer vacation hits, then I’m left to train on my own. There’s a local tumbling center where I can work out, but the issue is that there’s nobody there to critiquing what I’m doing, and it’s easy to form excruciating habits as well as develop new injuries this way. I’ve been loosely thinking about doing personal training in my free time. I still would train as well as work on my performance, however I suppose going to a health as well as fitness center would help me even more. I suppose the reason I develop random injuries is because I’m strong in certain areas however weak in others. There are certain parts of my body that hardly get used. If I was strong throughout my entire body, perhaps my muscles would get less exhausted and I could stay healthy. I also suppose a personal trainer could provide me with exercises that further help my performance. Everything I do now is tumbling related. It would be nice to do something other than balance drills that don’t have a gymnastic purpose. I’d appreciate cardio that is not a running tumbling trick as well. I want to do weight training with small weights rather than holding myself up. I stumbled upon a gym that I appreciate as well as that has good equipment. I just have to get a personal trainer that can help me. I suppose there are fitness classes provided for free at the gym.


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