Jammed paper

I was in need of a brand new printer for my PC, i didn’t have a whole lot of money to spend, despite the fact that I needed a nice printer with scanner as well as that could print as well as do everything in full color! While looking on some websites selling them, I looked around as well as found that an Epson was the best price within what I could afford.

I had heard that Epson was an entirely superb brand.

In the past I had tried other brands enjoy Hix, Gerber as well as Bebop. I was never totally happy with those, so I took the plunge as well as ordered this Epson printer on sale. When I got the Epson printer, it began working entirely well, as well as I was happy, and about a month later, the Epson printer I had bought started running out of printer ink. I thought this was kind of odd, because I had just bought this Epson printer, as well as the ink was brand new also. So, I did what I needed to as well as got new printer cartridges… Finally, my printer was working again, but then, what went wrong shortly after was every time I tried to load the paper, the Epson printer would not take the paper, saying it was restrained or as it said on the screen “paper jam”. I was getting entirely disgusted with this Epson printer! I called the mail order service that I bought it from to complain. And I was told that the Epson printed was so cheap because it was a recycled Epson printer! I did not see that in the great print!