The Do It Yourself Book

I am a freelance writer, and in being a freelance writer I have written a lot of books and had them as e-books published online.

Recently, I had several requests to print up some regular real books, as my customers would actually buy them! What I needed to do was find printing service information because I never have done this before, nor did I know about anything of printing books! I am a freelance guy over here, I am not a printing service! So the information I needed to find on printing services were how much they would charge to print up several amounts of copies of my book.

Then once I got the information from the printing services, I would know if the investments would be worth it at all. Finding more information on printing services was not too hard, but the options were many. The price range of all of the different printing services for what I needed ran from good to bad. I had to get on the phone and make some phone calls to see what exactly they could offer me in the form of printing services that would actually benefit me, and that I know I could sell enough of these things to make a profit. Without the aspect of being able to make a profit, none of this would be worth it. I would not want to just do it for my ego, because I have no ego. It’s all about the money and the art of writing combined. I still do not know what I am doing, but I will hopefully decide very soon.