High velocity heating and cooling is designed to accommodate older homes

Not so long ago, it was extremely difficult and expensive to upgrade an older home to central heating and cooling.

Very old houses typically have walls constructed of plaster and lathe.

Tear down creates a very messy, lengthy and expensive project. Remodeling also compromises the historical integrity of the home. Sometimes, the studs used for interior walls were turned sideways to create more living space. This makes the walls too narrow to accommodate conventional ductwork. Homeowners were forced to get by with box fans, window air conditioners and electric baseboard heaters. Portable heating and cooling units are unattractive, cumbersome and not overly effective. During times of severe weather, the house would become either horribly overheated or extremely chilly. However, there is now a convenient and affordable solution available. High velocity HVAC is designed specifically for older homes that lack traditional ductwork. This type of heating and cooling takes advantage of ductwork that is only two inches in diameter. The ducts are also flexible enough to snake through walls, around studs and plumbing pipes, without causing any damage. The narrow ducts connect to very small diameter vents that are available in a wide selection of shapes, styles and colors. The system is incorporated with very little disruption to the home and never calls unwanted attention to itself. The ducts are insulated to minimize operational sounds and the air compressors are small enough to be tucked into a closet or the attic. As the heated or cooled air is blown into the room at a high rate of speed, it creates a slight suction. This mixes the new and existing air very quickly for rapid increase or decrease in temperature. The result is wonderfully even temperature and exceptional energy efficiency.


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