I have a pile of old HVAC in my backyard

Do any of you guys have a yard that looks like mine? Imagine piles and piles of old HVAC units.

I am the kind of person that likes to make anything work.

I would never pay full price for a new furnace or a new central air conditioner. If I can find a couple of used window air that I can strategically place throughout my house to cool us down, then I will definitely be using that method for my air conditioners. In my back yard, you will find an assortment of different HVAC units that I have used throughout the years. Some of the furnaces were actually used inside my house to keep my family warm throughout the decades. If you look closely, you will notice that I have multiple furnaces that are the same model. That is because I would purchase used furnaces that were the same model of the furnaces that I was using so that I would have spare parts in case my furnace ever broke down. Since I am not an HVAC technician, I have struggled to learn how to research and fix different parts of my HVAC units over the years. Although it may have taken a lot of time to work on these HVAC units, I have probably saved thousands of dollars by not calling an HVAC technician when my HVAC units stopped working. Although my HVAC units may not be as reliable or as nice as yours, I can be that mine are much cheaper than yours, and I can make mine last a lot longer than your HVAC units.

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