I like to fix my own HVAC equipment to save money

Does anyone have a backyard that looks like mine? Imagine stacks of seasoned HVAC equipment, because I’m the kind of person that enjoys fixing things.

I would never pay full price for a brand new gas furnace or a new central a/C unit.

If I can find some used window air equipment that I can put throughout my house to cool me down, then I’ll certainly be using that plan for my HVAC systems. In my backyard, you will notice an assortment of unusual HVAC units that have been used throughout the years. Some of the heating systems were used for my house to keep my family and I warm. If you look closer, you’ll notice that I have several heating systems that are similar models! That is because I like to purchase used heating systems that are similar models of the heating systems that I like to use. This way, I can have spare parts in case my HVAC equipment ever breaks down. Since I’m not an HVAC professional, I have struggled to learn how to repair and research unusual parts of my HVAC units over the years. It does take a lot of time to fix these HVAC units, I have legitimately saved hundreds of dollars by not calling a HVAC corporation to fix my HVAC equipment. My HVAC units may not be as fancy as the new ones, they’re much cheaper than and I can make them last a lot longer than standard HVAC units.

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