Keeping the condo cooled off

That little heating system is absolutely amazing

I was born in the northwest, and I miss it a lot, and my partner and I never thought that the people I was with and I would transfer down here, however his mom fell ill two years ago. His dad could not take care of her on his own. My partner and I did not want her to have to grow up in a nursing home, so the people I was with and I moved down south to take care of her, then I really enjoy being close to his family, but I do not love the heat here. It gets over a one hundred and three degrees during the summer season months quite often, and to me, that is just insane. I do not suppose how some people appreciate this intense heat. My partner also grew up in those parts, therefore he is a little bit more used to it than I am, however he also got pretty adapted to the cooler weather of the northwest; The main thing that is nice about living here though is that the Winters are extremely laid back. It does not get even close to as chilly here as it does up north. I long for the snow, but I do not miss the bitter chilly Winter days. I have small ductless heating system that is also an air conditioning, and it heats our house up very nicely. All of us do not even need any other source of heat in our house. It shocks me because I am so used to having to find all sorts of ways to stay sizzling during the Winter season. That little heating system is absolutely amazing. I do not suppose how much longer his mom will live, but I am willing to stay here as long as she needs us even if it means being overheated for much of the year.

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