Don’t Do the Warranty Scare Dance

There is an actual physical reaction for me when I realize that I have totally forgotten something that is quite important.

It starts with my eyes becoming saucers and blinking just ceases.

Of course, there is the mouth dropping open bigger than a doctor’s exam. I feel as though my spine has been removed but all my muscles throughout my body are tense. Finally, I round it all out with just an epic display of flop sweat. This just happened to me again. We had a state of the art heating and cooling system installed in our home. The old one just finally quit after more than 20 years of excellent service. My wife and I did a great deal of research on the replacement HVAC unit. We learned a great deal because we wanted to spend our money wisely to get the most efficient HVAC equipment possible. The rest was easy because we have complete faith in our HVAC people. We have been with the same heating and cooling company since we moved to this town. The installation of the new HVAC went off without a hitch. We could not have been more pleased with our choice of HVAC replacement. The thing was twice as quiet as the last one. And the money we’re saving! The SEER number is more than double that of the old unit. It is incredible. Then, one day about six weeks after the new HVAC was installed, I sat bolt upright in bed. Suddenly, I couldn’t remember having registered the warranty with HVAC company. I start flipping out and sputtering when my wife tells me to go back to bed because she did it online the first day.


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