Fell in Love with Ductless Heating and Cooling

I am so a creature of habit so, change can be quite exhausting for someone like me.

  • Keeping things manageable is sort of how I live my life.

Leaning on the structure and discipline is how I navigate my day. But, change has a way of providing a growing opportunity. So, when faced with imminent change, I just go with it the best I can. The last set of changes, however, were deeply affecting. My last child moved out of the house. He stayed with us once he graduated from college nearby. He wanted to save a much money as he could while looking for gainful employment. Once he was gone, my wife and I looked at each other and knew it was time to downsize. So much for coming home to put my feet up in the HVAC. Now, it was time to move out of the home we occupied for so long and raised our family in. But, it was the right move. Our house was just too much house for just the two of us. A home like ours was meant for a family. Besides, we had just recently upgraded a number of things. There was a new kitchen and a state of the art HVAC system. I knew this would be an advantage to selling the home. So, we bought a small little bungalow that was perfect for us. However, we had to immediately address the HVAC situation. The old central air HVAC was archaic. Instead of replacing all the ductwork and the HVAC, we chose to go with the ductless heating and cooling. We have a couple of these units that do more than enough to keep us cozy or cool. Change can be good.


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