House Full of Critters Needs Constant HVAC Air Filter Changes

This family is one that is fully in love with all sorts of furry critters.

Often, we even take in strays who need a new home.

Some of them have stayed with us while others we have found good homes. So, our house is pretty full of all sorts of fur. Luckily, we live way out of town on a nice piece of land. The dogs and cats pretty much have free roam of the property. Amazingly, they stay pretty close all the time. Most of them sleep in the house at night. This many dogs and cats means that fur can be a problem. I found out real quick that this much fur can have a very negative effect on the HVAC. Before this, I didn’t generally pay all that much attention to the HVAC unit. I simply paid the bill, set the thermostat and had the HVAC tech out for preventive maintenance. Oh, and I changed the air filters occasionally. Well, that haphazard approach to the HVAC air filters changed real fast. I nearly choked out the HVAC because of all the fur. Once the animals really started to accumulate, I didn’t realize how much fur was collecting on the air filters. That is until I heard the HVAC system making sounds that didn’t sound all that good. Before calling the HVAC people, I checked the air filter. It was completely and utterly clogged with pet fur. Now, I buy HVAC air filters by the case. Most homes need to change their air filters every month. I am now doing it about once every ten days! I may end up having to convert the old barn to house all these animals.

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