Not a fan of the holidays

The Christmas season was constantly kind of boring when I was growing up.

My parents split up so, I ended up being our mother’s Christmas servent.

It was not great. I spent many weekends plus after school ready to help her decorate the house. This wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the fact she would continually take stuff down that we just decorated and redecorate. But no, she was in constant fantastic tuning mode for the entire holiday period. The tree practically would stay up the rest of the year. I would have been far more content with a cool, colorful tree plus enjoyable relax in the comfort of the HVAC heating or cozy home. Fortunately, I no longer live at our mother’s site. However, it took me a long time before I could actually start liking decorating. I dig Christmas again thanks to my wife. She is the absolute Christmas Elf. But, in a great way. She prefers Christmas and prefers to decorate. My wife does this for her plus our kids not to impress anyone. That is simple to get on board with. A massive thing in our condo is burning a lot of candles through the holiday months. They are everywhere plus they make the condo feel really at home. Then there is the smell. Every part of our condo has its own delightful scents. However, the candles don’t come without a drawback. No, not condo fires. But, every one of us do make sure every one of us burn candles safely. The massive drawback is the fact that all the burnt wax ends up threatening our HVAC system. The wax from the candles ends up in the air. In turn, that air ends up going through an HVAC machine return and getting caught in the air filter. I have seen our air filter totally slicked over with candle wax. It’s crazy.



Air conditioning worker