Thinking About the HVAC Use Will Save Money

I tend to be one of those people who just kind of drifts off at times.

  • There are times when people will be talking at me and I just kind of zone out.

If I were talking to me, I would certainly be put off by this behavior. However, it is not meant to be rude and I try to reign it in as much as possible. I think I just start to blank if I have no interest in a topic. I’m not all that way about machines and animals for some reason. If I am working on my truck, I am completely engaged and paying total attention to the truck. The slightest change ins sound or performance I can detect. It’s just people and their yammering that causes me to drift away. I tuned in to the HVAC the other day. Lucky I did because it saved me a bunch of money. Walking past the HVAC cabinet outside my house, I noticed just the slightest difference in sound coming from the HVAC compressor unit. When I investigated, I also noticed there was a bit of a slight shake going on as well. This was disturbing enough that I went inside to check online for what might be going on with my HVAC system. Immediately, it became clear that any kind of shake going on with the outside HVAC is not a good thing. So, I flipped the breaker on the HVAC and called the HVAC professionals. The HVAC tech found a bad bearing in the fan. Had I not caught it, there could have been a great deal of damage done to the HVAC.



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