A disaster turned romantic

My very good buddy Alexis was telling me that she would like to go rent a chalet in the woods.

It was the midst of the Winter time season so I was a little bit hesitant, however she said that it would be exciting, and so both of us went for the rental plus both of us both put in half the money for the chalet rental. I need to admit though, the chalet had some character to it plus I thought the heating plan was working pretty fantastic for such an outdated place, the people I was with and I were having an amazing time until the heating plan quit working. There was a fireplace, however there was no firewood! There was an old and run down wooden picnic table outside however plus both of us decided to split it up into pieces with the axe that was outside so that both of us would have some firewood and not freeze my butt off. There were no trees that both of us could entirely just cut down, so that seemed to be our only option. This was a matter of survival because both of us were out there with no help or civilization for miles, however when both of us brought in some of the wood that was ready for the fireplace, I could tell that I didn’t have a lighter or matches. Thankfully, Alexis had it covered due to the fact that she had a lighter plus a box of matches just in case both of us might need it. I totally appreciated the fact that she came prepared, she consistently seemed to be that way. While both of us were getting the fire in the fireplace started, she suggested that both of us huddle up together for body heat. It was pretty great feeling her warm body against mine plus I couldn’t help however to kiss her. She didn’t turn away plus both of us became more than friends after that experience all thanks to the lame heating system.