I had to use my fireplace instead of my gas furnace

It was rather discouraging when my gas furnace stopped working the other morning.

It was the middle of the coldest season plus it was really snowing outside.

The good news was that I had a fireplace plus I already had a small stack of firewood. When I called the Heating plus A/C company, they told me that they wouldn’t be able to repair my gas furnace for a few more mornings. I didn’t have enough firewood to keep the fireplace running that long, so I went on a trip to pick up some firewood in town. While I was getting the firewood, I called some buddies plus asked around to see if any of them knew a Heating plus A/C company that had availability. One buddy of mine said his Heating plus A/C company was super helpful plus usually available for last minute appointments. When I called up his Heating plus A/C company, they said they had a Heating plus A/C technician who was willing to come over to my house the following morning. I was thrilled about this, because now I wouldn’t have to worry about being uncomfortable without a functioning heating program for so long. I still picked up some more firewood for my fireplace anyway plus my buddy helped me load it all into my home. We sat there together by the fireplace until the Heating plus A/C technician arrived the following morning. After the Heating plus A/C technician did his thing plus got my gas furnace working again, I was thrilled. As a matter of fact, I decided to use that Heating plus A/C company from that day on.

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