Using Google ads for business

Even after all of the ads, all of the online marketing methods suggested by professionals, my company isn’t getting nearly as many people visiting as I would like.

I have hired multiple different professionals from web designers to SEO marketing companies and yet my website’s traffic was still lower than it should be. I finally decided to go for the ultimate. Google. Google was the biggest search engine, and I knew if I wanted the utmost attention, I would go for advertising on Google. The only issue with Google is that it is incredibly expensive. Unlike less popular search engines, Google carries a high price. I had already checked other less popular search engines, and while the price was better, I wanted what was best for my company. While most ads only cost $2 to host, the amount can quickly add up into the thousands, but I would also be able to make up a large portion of that amount by people having HVAC maintenance or having a new heating system installed. I already knew most of the people who would click on the ads would probably not buy anything, and some would probably be bots, but the ones who did would be giving most of the profits, and those were the ones I was looking for. I paid for Google ads for about 6 months, and I think that it was a step in the right direction, because I have definitely noticed an increase in people visiting my website as well as people calling for heating and cooling service. So far, Google ads have worked for me.
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