I finally managed to stop the children from letting the A/C out of the house

I totally was not prepared to be a parent when our first child was born.

I wanted to have youngsters for my whole life plus was grateful to be a father, however it was apparent that I had a great deal to learn in a very short amount of time. There were adjusting demands at work, all the while my wifey was still struggling to recover from pregnancy plus needed my help on a regular basis. I started to wonder if I was a complete failure plus if I would ever improve plus figure out how to handle these stressful life scenarios. Gratefully for me, time healed these wounds plus I eventually adjusted to being a father. Now our children are a lot older. I easily love them to death, however they don’t constantly follow rules around the property, especially if they’re trying to play games. One of the things I struggled a great deal with from the very beginning was either of them randomly opening windows around the property. This wouldn’t be such a sizable deal if it wasn’t happening in the worst summer time heat waves where the a/c equipment is barely keeping up with demand. An open window for merely 10 minutes is enough to let out a good amount of conditioned air. But it’s not just the windows, they also would regularly touch the Heating and Air Conditioning thermostat despite being forbidden to go near it. After constantly ignoring our requests, I made the decision to put a plastic lock box over the thermostat. I put child safety locks on all of the windows as well. Occasionally despite your best efforts plus intentions, your children will refuse to follow instruction.


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