It took me years to get my kids to stop opening windows with the AC running

I was not prepared to be a parent when my first child was born.

I wanted kids my entire life and was excited to be a father, but it was obvious that I had so much to learn in such a small period of time.

There were increasing demands at work, all the while my wife is still struggling to recover from pregnancy and needs my help around the clock. I started to wonder if I was a failure and if I would ever improve and figure out how to navigate all of these stressful life scenarios. Thankfully for me, time healed these wounds and I slowly adjusted to being a father. Now my kids are eight and five years old. I love them to death, but they don’t always follow rules around the house, especially if they’re trying to play games. One of the things I struggled with from the start was either of them randomly opening windows around the house. This would be such a big deal if it wasn’t happening in the worst summer heatwaves where the air conditioner is barely keeping up with demand. An open window for just 20 minutes is enough to let out a considerable amount of conditioned air. But it’s not just the windows, they also touch the HVAC thermostat despite being forbidden to go anywhere near it. After consistently ignoring my requests, I put a plastic lock box over the thermostat. I put child safety locks on all of the windows as well. Sometimes despite your best efforts and intentions, your children will simply refuse to follow directions.