It was nice being a freshman and adjusting the thermostat as we saw fit

College was a whirlwind experience—between the long hours spent studying plus the seemingly never ending partying.

It’s no wonder why I experienced sleep deprivation as much as I did.

But when you’re 19 plus entirely filled with energy, it’s easier to subsist on as much as five hours of sleep every single evening. I had a very strange eating schedule, plus when I did get food, it involved subsisting on the greasy plus fatty food being served by the campus cafeteria. I was fortunate that I was placed with a roommate that had several of the same music plus film interests as I did. We easily bonded over blasting music over our sound dock, or by playing Halo or GTA on her gaming console. The two of us got totally lucky as we were placed in the new housing, opposed to other students who had to reside in 40-year-old dorms. Our dorm had just been built, still smelled like fresh paint, plus advertised something that was not in any other dorms on our campus. What we had was a working thermostat that we had complete control over. There were limits to how chilly or overheated we could make the room, however we often had it set to 72 degrees even with the most blazing hot outdoor temperatures imaginable. I absolutely adored having control over our indoor environment, especially since the dorms we would transport into the following year had thermostats that were entirely locked plus kept at 68 degrees regardless of the weather conditions. It’s straight-forward to take small things such as controllable Heating and A/C thermostats for granted. It’s insane to know that they were giving free reign to a bunch of school freshmen when it came to working these brand new a/c devices.

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