We were lucky to have full control of the temperature control as freshmen

College was a pretty wild experience—between the terribly long hours spent studying and the constant parties.

It’s no wonder why I experienced severe sleep deprivation as much as I did.

But when you’re a youngster and have tons of energy, it’s so much easier to subsist on only so many hours of sleep every night. I had a rather irregular eating schedule, and when I did get food, it involved subsisting on the greasy and fatty food that was always being served by the campus cafeteria. I was extremely fortunate that I was with a roommate that had many of the same music and film interests that I had. The two of us totally bonded over blasting music over our stereo, or by playing excellent games on his gaming console. The two of us were severely lucky as we were put in the current housing, opposed to other students who had to live in the ancient dorms. Our dorm had just been built, still had fresh paint, and displayed something that was not in any other dorms. What we had was a nice working temperature control unit that we had full control over. There were actual limits to how nippy or boiling we could make the room, but we often had it set to 68 degrees even with the most blazing hot outdoor temperatures you could think of. I really appreciated having control over our indoor climate control, especially since the dorms we would transfer into the next year had temperature control units that were fully locked and kept at 76 degrees no matter what the weather was like. It’s quite easy to take small things like controllable Heating and Air Conditioning temperature control units for granted. It’s absolutely silly to think that they were actually giving free reign to the freshmen when it came to running these advanced HVAC machines.
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