Bad news from home

The other day while I was at work I ended up getting a message that really caught me off guard and nearly sent me into full on panic mode.

At the time I was right in the middle of repairing an old and broken down air conditioning unit for a client, when out of the blue my wife called me in a distressed manner and informed me that she had injured her foot while cleaning up around the house and needed help.

After getting off of the call I was stuck feeling like I was in a very tough position where it seemed like if I were to abandon my client with a half fixed air conditioning unit I would end up having to face steep penalties or even risk being fired, however not heading back home to help my wife also didn’t sit well with me. Fortunately the kind gentleman who I was working for was able to pick up on the elevation of my stress and told me that I should go and help my wife. When it comes to customers, especially newer ones, you can never know what to expect in this line of work. Thankfully in this instance however, I lucked out with a kind and understanding client. With his blessing I made a mad dash back to my house in order to take care of my wife who turned out to be just fine after some medical attention. Then later on I did my due diligence and made sure to finish the job back at that man’s house. Man, life in the HVAC field would be a dream if all of our customers were like him!