You have to be careful getting referrals from friends and family

Some of the last few afternoons ago while I was bored at our apartment I ended up doing some research online for an up-to-date a/c unit.

I had observed that a close neighbor of mine had posted a story talking about an amazing experience that she recently had with an up-to-date heating and A/C contractor in town.

But me being the naive woman that I am, I ended up making a call that same morning to the heating and A/C contractor she had mentioned. My air conditioning unit needed to be tuned up before the warm summer season came into full effect, and I actually wanted to see if they were as reputable as she claimed them to be. Now after a full morning of having this particular heating and A/C contractor out here, I can say without a doubt that it was all hype—the two or three young guys who were sent out to our apartment seemed to have just recently acquired the skills in the complicated ways of working in the heating and A/C industry considering how timid and nervous they were working on our air conditioning unit. To make matters worse the final bill ended up coming out to be nearly double what our typical guys charge me for the same task! Now I am starting to suppose that our neighbor didn’t entirely notice the quality of work they did, she just thought that the heating and A/C techs who were sent out to her apartment were cute and enjoyed the view while enjoying their work. I suppose I know the exact person to ignore when it comes to heating and A/C advice from this point moving forward!



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