Everyone should get the certification

I took classes to learn more about heating and air.

Not only that, I got myself NATE certified.

That means I had to take a few exams and log in field hours where I shadowed another certified and licensed HVAC professional. I learned so much about HVAC and got to experience hands on. Why did I do so much? I wanted to be as capable as possible to work in the field of heating and cooling. I didn’t want to get a job based on my last name. My whole family is a part of a Heating & Air Conditioning business. From the time I was a teen, I would climb into attics to repair air ducts in addition to HVAC vents with my father on repair runs. I would change air filters, scrub the inside of HVAC machines and handle equipment when I was not even driving yet. I didn’t want to just get the career because I was handy though. I wanted to prove to my family that I have the know-how. It is also great to tell customers about my higher education. Being NATE certified isn’t necessary, however it is a nice little add on. My whole family now is talking about pretty much everyone getting this qualification. It will require them to take exams and then they need another NATE certified person watching them do repairs. How funny that I will be that person for them. Hopefully after all this studying, all of us will make more money and be better at our jobs.


Cooling workman