Finding the right HVAC for his trailer

My dad got a trailer this year, and dad has plans to go to all of the National Parks in the country using this large trailer. Traveling in a trailer can be comfortable if you have the right tools for heating in addition to an a/c system. In some situations, there is no need for heating and cooling when going on the road. My dad is someone who doesn’t need to have A/C all the time if it is not necessary. My dad’s greatest problem is staying overheated during the winter. Occasionally, you can find great deals on used portable heating devices for a trailer. Many people get these in addition to then notice that they do not need them for the weather they have. Most of the time people are comfortable in a trailer with just the warmth that is given by the sun. Some people travel to chillier regions where a portal furnace is required for those long, cold evenings on the road. My father wants to be prepared in either situation. In some cases, he will need a portable A/C in addition to in other cases he will need the furnace for long trips on the road that are quite cold. My dad is genuinely enthusiastic to start up his new life on the road! My dad will be free from work in addition to other tasks. He plans on spending the next few years exploring the country. I suppose to each his own, living in a trailer and relying on that kind of HVAC doesn’t appeal to me.


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