The a/c is what scared her

I found a cat under our grill in the yard.

I suppose the cat was abandoned, and so I decided to adopt the little girl in addition to give her the best life I could.

Within a day, the cat was already getting comfortable with her new life. She had string, nice meals, a soft bed, in addition to lots of love. The only thing that genuinely scared the cat was the central a/c system. When the A/C comes on, she would jump up high into the air. When the cooling system turned off, she was playful in addition to happy. I noticed this fear by accident. I am used to the central A/C clicking off in addition to on throughout the day. The noise is quite distinct, however after time you will get used to it. I had the cat for a few nights and I know she is already starting to adjust to the loud AC. This month when the main A/C kicked on, she didn’t hop around or scurry under the bed like what she had done in the past. In fact, she didn’t even move when the central A/C came on this time. I have had cats in the past, but never one so little and afraid. She is so tiny that I worry she will fall through the cracks in the sofa. She has only been in our apartment for a few weeks and she has already adjusted to our main cooling system. I am just so dang proud of her. I am distraught that we might be experiencing current problems in the Winter with our gas furnace.


Cooling representative