The car cooling wasn’t working for awhile

For the second Summer in a row, I am stuck without any A/C in my car. Last summer, I went through the same thing. I live in an area that gets genuinely hot. There are people that don’t ever leave their a/c. They go from an air conditioner system in the house, to a heavy air conditioning system in the car and then finish a meal in a restaurant with cooling. Having a car that has no A/C is almost worse than having a car that has no brakes. In my opinion, having a car with no A/C is possibly worse than having sticky turning gears or a broken tail light. I hate being super hot, sweaty and fighting mildew in our car. My job requires myself and others to drive around too! I refuse to show up to meet customers overheated and stinky. That is why I took my automobile into the auto shop recently. I drove up to the shop in addition to noticed there were a lot of cars parked outside already. It seemed like pretty much everyone wanted service. I called a friend to come get me so I didn’t have to wait on our cooling system repair all morning. When I went inside, the mechanic told me it was not easy to diagnose the problem, he had to do a full A/C inspection. I agreed and wanted to know the price tag on that. The mechanic couldn’t tell me. I figured it was worth every cent to get cooling in the car. Well the man must have done a lot more than repair the cooling because my bill was over 1000! At least I now have cooling to drive around with.

a/c care plan