Eventually I decided that I needed to get a cooling system in my home

For a long time, I felt like I could get by without using a cooling system in my home.

I had a gas furnace, and I thought that was all I really needed.

In the warm season, I would always just get by with stationary fans and the use of the ceiling fans. Well, I have noticed over the years that it has been getting hotter every year during the summer. We have experienced some serious heat waves for the past few summers, and this has been becoming unbearable. I’m glad that I had a good amount of money saved up because I finally caved and decided that I needed to invest in a good cooling system. I looked at various cooling systems and came to the conclusion that a good ductless mini split air conditioner would be perfect. I loved the fact that these ductless mini split air conditioners are energy efficient and don’t require the use of a ductwork system. Also, I learned that they don’t require as much maintenance as traditional central cooling systems. So I decided to have the ductless mini split air conditioner installed in my home. On top of that, I decided to have solar panels installed on my home. With the solar panels, my energy bills have gone down to just about nothing even while using my new ductless mini split air conditioner! That’s how energy efficient this cooling system is, and I’m so glad that I decided to invest in it! I also learned that I can upgrade my ductless mini split air conditioner to include a heating function as well. I’m actually thinking about having that done so that I have multiple sources of heat in my home.



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