I didn’t win at BINGO night, but my wife sure did!

My wife and her family have always enjoyed going to the church to play BINGO.

I never have been a huge fan of playing the game, but I did like the sound of winning some of the prizes they had. When they told me that I could win a brand new window A/C unit that was highly energy efficient, I thought it would be worth it going to play some BINGO to try to win. The other thing I appreciated when we went to the church to play BINGO was the fact that the temperature control settings were great, they had food and drinks available for a reasonable price, and there were great people there. It was a relaxing time playing BINGO with my wife and her family members, but I didn’t personally win anything. My wife on the other hand, won the main prize, the window A/C unit! This window A/C unit is entirely nice too, I didn’t realize that it comes with a built in smart thermostat. That means that we are able to hook it up to our smartphones to control. We decided that we would install the window A/C unit in our bedroom. I’ve never used such an energy efficient window A/C unit and I love the fact that you can program it to turn on and off at certain times. We were never able to do anything like that with old window A/C units that we had in the past. You basically either had a remote to turn them on or off and adjust the temperature control settings, or you could adjust the temperature control on the unit itself. This modern window A/C unit is beyond my expectations!



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