It is very important to keep up with your ductwork cleaning

I always thought I was doing enough as a homeowner by keeping my house clean and keeping up with regular HVAC system maintenance.

Well, it turned out that there is something important that I wasn’t keeping on top of. That would be my ductwork cleaning. I didn’t even know that ductwork cleaning was a thing, but it turns out to be something very important. I was wondering why my air quality was becoming worse even though I was changing my air filters regularly. I ended up asking the HVAC professional about my air quality problem and that’s when he checked the ductwork system. He asked me when was the last time I had the ductwork cleaned, which my answer was never. He laughed and said it was something that many homeowners overlooked, but it was essential towards keeping the air quality good. So I arranged for the ductwork cleaning. During that process, the HVAC technician actually discovered that I needed to have ductwork sealing as well because there were parts of the ductwork that had leaks. When the HVAC technician explained that my energy bills would go down after the ductwork sealing, I was all for it. I couldn’t believe how much the air quality improved after the ductwork cleaning and the ductwork sealing. It was almost like I had a brand new HVAC system with low energy bills and superb air quality! After that experience, I have been telling all of my friends and family members that they need to keep on top of their ductwork cleaning if they want better air quality in their homes.
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