My wife nearly had a heart attack in the bathroom last week

I realized that I had to do something when I heard my wife screaming in the shower this last week. Then after the initial scream, I heard her stumble and it sounded like she fell out of the shower. Then she screamed again and then was crying in pain. I ran over to see what was going on. She told me that she saw a big spider in the shower and she wanted me to get it. It frightened her so bad that she fell out of the shower and onto the freezing tiles in the bathroom. That made her shriek again and then she was crying from the pain of falling out of the shower. I realized there was a serious issue here and I had to do something to resolve it. First of all, I caught the spider and put it outside. I have never cared to kill spiders because I feel they are good for the environment and they kill annoying insects. I started thinking about the freezing tiles though, and I thought that maybe the HVAC company could help me with this issue, so I called them up. They told me that it would be a good idea to have heated floors installed in the bathroom. Evidently, they have electric heated floors that can be installed under the tiles. They also have a hydronic heating option where you can install tubing that is connected to a boiler system or a water heater. I thought the best option for the bathrooms would be the electric heated floors, so I had those installed. I never heard any complaints from my wife about the freezing tiles again after that.
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