One way to prevent fights in my family

If there is one thing I discovered about people, is that temperature can really affect their mood. Now since people are different, people react differently to different temperatures, cold and hot. This is especially true for my family and I make sure that everyone’s HVAC needs are taken care of. My daughter Layla likes warmer temperatures, so I keep the house around 78 degrees to make sure she stays nice and warm. My son Travis is different and he likes neutral temperatures between 73-76, so he has the middle room in our house, his room is right between his sister’s warm room and our cold room. My wife and I’s room is the cold room, and both my wife and I love cold temperatures. So not only is our room further in the back where It is cooler, but we have a transportable air conditioning unit in case it’s too warm. There is so much to remember when it comes to HVAC needs! If I keep all of my families HVAC preferences in mind, then everyone will be happy and we won’t fight. The one time that the HVAC system broke, it threw everyone’s balanced temperatures off. and everyone was incredibly cranky and fighting over the simplest things, it was chaotic to say the least. But once the heating and cooling unit were fixed, everything goes back to a normal happy family. So now I make sure to get routine HVAC maintenance to prevent any HVAC related disasters, and so far, we haven’t had any HVAC repairs in 2 years.

Air conditioning technician