Reluctant to spend extra money on A/C

I was doing really good at saving up enough money for a cheap but reliable car, and I had already had most of the money saved up, by next month I would have the keys in my hand.

Or at least I thought I would, that is until my A/C ducts started getting really dirty.

My indoor air quality became really crappy really quick. My allergies started acting up and I saw hair literally floating through the air. I tried to make it through but by the end of the month, I have had enough. Now I had enough money to buy the car I wanted, but I don’t think it would be worth it if I can’t even live in my own home! I decided to go ahead and get my HVAC ducts cleaned. I had a HVAC professional come and clean them, and it took a few hours. Apparently years worth if hair and dirt had been building up, and it finally overflowed so to speak. Thankfully the duct cleaning cost less than I expected and I should be able to get my car next month. After I had the HVAC cleaning, my house became super clean and fresh feeling, I had to admit, I loved the feeling. I felt like I could breathe easier, and the air in general just felt cleaner. I went ahead and since it was cheap I bought a few new A/C filters and put them in my air conditioning component to give it a good start, this way my air quality should be good to go for awhile.

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