Every day seems excessive

I heard a joke while I was shopping the other day that really tickled me.

I overheard a person speaking, plus a person laughed at what he said! He was joyously telling a joke about an Heating & A/C professional.

I tried to remember the entire joke, but as usual I had the entire joke screwed up, plus I forgot the punchline. Whenever I got home, I tried my best to remember that joke, but it just wouldn’t come to me. I easily remembered that it was a joke about needing to work from home, however she was promptly telling the lady she was used to a big office. Working from a beach condo had cut her office area all the way down to a quarter that size. In order to suppose she is at the office, she had to regularly entail an enormous expense. Once a week she has a Heating & A/C tech come all the way out to the condo plus work on the air conditioner or furnace. My spouse just patiently looked at me plus started to laugh. I apologized that I couldn’t remember the punch line to the story. He looked at me plus laughed again. The Heating & A/C tech once a week, if not once a day? Fixing the heating or air conditioner? He smiled plus said that maybe you actually had to be a Heating & A/C professional to find the humor in that joke. I stupidly sat there thinking about the joke, long after he walked away. It hit me what they were talking about. My kid was consistently complaining about how the local Heating & A/C supplier was consistently in the building where she worked, because of the super poor air quality, or the air conditioner wasn’t working properly.



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