Hoping to install gas insert into fireplace

I consistently thought it would be such a luxury to have a wood burning fireplace in my home.

When my wife & I were in the market for a current cabin & touring properties, I favored those with a fireplace.

I was cheerful when both of us ended up purchasing a cabin with a immense fieldstone fireplace in the kitchen. I just enjoyed the hardwood mantle & hearth & imagined enjoying a cozy fire on a cold winter’s night. I suddenly l received that building a fire is labor-intensive, time-consuming & messy. Heading outside for wood in sub zero temperatures & snow is not fun. The logs are wet & dirty & need to be dragged through the house, but situating the logs in the fireplace stirred up old ash, & both of us got black fingerprints all over the location. It took us a long time to get the fire going, & there were concerns with fumes & flames. While the fire was actually charming & set a nice mood, it was hard to get comfortable. All of us felt too warm sitting up close to the fireplace & too cold when both of us moved away. I upset about going to bed with a fire burning. That was the only time we’ve ever used our fireplace. We’ve now lived in the cabin for nearly several years. The fireplace is nothing but a decoration. I would like to convert it into a gas heater. I’ve done some research & installing the gas insert isn’t overly overpriced or disruptive. We’d still get to appreciate the look of burning flames while avoiding all of the disadvantages. All of us could start the “fire” with a touch of a button on a wireless remote. A fan spreads the heat evenly throughout the room. The gas fireplace gas heating systems are silent, clean, safe & quite energy efficient.

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