I will prevail over this HVAC

I thought I could repair my central air conditioner component successfully, without calling the Heating & A/C professional for some reason.

I was prepared to have my partner hold me in a tight hug while proclaiming what a wonderfully magnificent job I did with the AC unit.

My child would tell me how proud he was that day that I could deal with the broken air conditioner with no help. I opened up the front of the massive air conditioner unit, plus with schematics in hand, I followed the trail to where my concern originally began. I wasn’t sure if I followed it properly, when I couldn’t get the AC component to run on the first try. I went back into the house, plus my beach condo was easily getting warmer. The indoor thermometer now said eighty degrees. My pet was panting, plus I knew he was getting too warm in the house. I looked at the thermostat plus I just couldn’t figure it out. I had the indoor air temperature set to seventy. There was no way the temperature should be up to eighty degrees. I went outside plus looked into the air conditioner unit, again. I couldn’t begin to figure out what was wrong with the cooling system. Everything looked fine, plus it definitely was right where it should be. I called my dad plus asked him if he had any ideas for me. I told him what I had looked at plus what I had done. He calmly asked me if I had checked out the thermostat. I asked what the thermostat had to do with the broken air conditioner. His ‘duh’ was all I needed to realize I hadn’t checked the existing batteries in the thermostat. I failed in my effort to repair the air conditioner unit.

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