Let me look… for my tools.

I had the oddest visit the other afternoon when I was working.

I knew I wasn’t expecting company.

I almost didn’t answer the door when the doorbell rang. I needed to be sure it wan’t going to be someone trying to sell something, or a single of these people taking polls. I dislike whenever I am bothered in the middle of the afternoon. I am usually very busily working plus but I work from home; I am expected to get in my numerous hours of work completed from home every afternoon. People don’t understand why all of my time isn’t my own, since clearly I work from home. Last week, I had to take time out of my work schedule to finally have the furnace tested. I called the Heating & A/C supplier plus set up an appointment. I simply wanted to program the afternoon’s work schedule around the appointment. The Heating & A/C professional only took half an hour to work on the central furnace, but the people I was with and I sat down plus chatted for another half hour afterwards. I offered him coffee, plus he accepted, which surprised me. He was an attractive and affable person, plus I enjoyed chatting to him, but I also knew I had to get back to my daily work. Then, two days later, my doorbell rang. I pushed back my PC plus looked out the window. There, in front of me, stood the Heating & A/C professional. My heart started pounding, thinking that he honestly had liked me as much as I did him. Instead, he told me he had left a wrench at my house.


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