We were in danger and didn’t know it

Last week, the people I was with and I had the blizzard of the century.

In a matter of multiple hours the people I was with and I had thirty inches of snow on the ground plus the wind was blowing sixty miles per hour. I carefully asked my spouse if the people I was with and I were going to lose our power, plus he just nonchalantly shrugged. I had asked him about bringing wood up, however he was more than busy with other things. He didn’t suppose the weather reporter when he said there was a storm coming. Now, I am sitting here with no electricity plus no heat. The large downstairs furnace doesn’t work when there isn’t any power, plus the fireplace doesn’t work with no wood to burn. The woodshed is about fifty yards away from the house, but there is a nearby location on the porch for wood. I can’t understand why it is my fault the idiotic people I was with and I don’t have wood for the fireplace, when I recognizably asked him several times if he had any up on the porch? Maybe he thinks it is my fault for the storm that he honestly didn’t suppose was going to blow through. If he had been right plus the snow hadn’t come down, the people I was with and I wouldn’t need the wood for the fireplace. Since I was actually right that it was going to snow, maybe I should have forced him to go to the woodshed right away plus bring wood up to the porch. All of us would not be sitting in a cold condo right now.

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