We had air purifiers on the boat

I’ve got to tell you that fishing is probably my favorite thing to do when I am relaxing or on vacation.

My wife doesn’t share my love of fishing or boating, so I usually go with my best friend.

His wife isn’t overly fond of fishing and boating either, so it makes perfect sense for he and I to go out together. Last week, we were talking about this year’s trip and he told me that he got a great deal for us. He was able to lease a fishing boat with a cabin, for two full weeks. I knew that I was going to find a way to be able to go fishing for two weeks. I could not wait to get out on the boat and get fresh fish and lobster. When we went deep sea fishing before, we had to come into shore every couple of days so we could get more ice. My friend said that there was a large compartment that would hold enough fish and ice for two weeks of fishing. I was really happy when he told me that they had air conditioning on the boat. I loved the idea of the air conditioning, but I was still concerned about the fish. I didn’t like the idea of needing to keep the fish on the boat for two full weeks. We would clean the fish before throwing it on ice, but that wouldn’t keep the fishy smell away. I asked him about an air purifier to help with the smell. He hadn’t thought of an air purifier, but he was sure we would be able to pick up a portable air purifier to at least keep the fishy smell out of the cabin.

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I thought they stole my air filters

I was at a town meeting a couple of weeks ago and a lot of people were complaining about kids going into their garage.

It seemed that most of the people were upset because they were coming into their garages and stealing stupid things.

The one woman said that she had an entire case of HvAC air filters stolen and she was at home at the time. They were all talking about how these hoodlums had to be caught. I hadn’t had anything stolen from my garage so I didn’t know what to say. I hoped that no one would steal the air filters I had in my garage. My wife had really bad allergies and I was worried that if I didn’t have the HEPA filters that I kept in the garage, she would end up in the hospital. Every time her allergies kicked in, it would cause a severe asthma attack. I went home with the intention of taking my air filters out of the garage and putting them into my basement. I couldn’t believe that the air HEPA air filters would be missing when I got home. I looked all over the garage, but they were missing. I did a second search, hoping that they were there. I called the HvAC company, hoping to be able to purchase another case of HEPA air filters. I went into the house and my wife was laughing as she asked me what took me so long to come into the house. When I told her that I was looking for HEPA air filters, she told me that she had heard about the thefts and she had gone out and brought them into the house while I was at the meeting.

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How do you save money on heating?

I know that everyone is looking for a way to save money on their energy bills.

Most people look for ways to cut back on their heating or air conditioning.

I was just looking for a way to save money. I had been looking for new technology that would help me with my energy bills and my heating and air conditioning. I had heard all about smart technology and I I began to look even deeper to see what smart technology was. I found a lot of information on Smart Thermostats and how they can help to save on energy and to keep your heating and air conditioning running more efficiently. As I read more about Smart Thermostats, I started clicking links. I was led to a website that discussed hybrid heating systems. According to the website more than fifty percent of the energy goes toward the heating system. With the proper Hybrid heating system, you would save on the energy bills and have better heating in your house. I’ve got to tell you that according to that website, Hybrid heating is the only way to go. I was hoping I would be thrilled to have found this heating system. I was using portable space heaters to help supplement my heating, but they were costing me more than the actual energy it took to run the furnace. In order to get enough heating, I would have had to purchase about ten portable space heaters. I’m hoping that I am right about the Hybrid heating system and that I end up saving a lot of money on my energy bills.

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Great tips from my Heating and Air Conditioning provider

I used to think that there wasn’t anything worse than change.

Never had I had a change that didn’t have some kind of learning curve to it. I had to learn to get used to how messed up things were after the change. Recently I had a change that started out good and remained the same. I had a change in HVAC technicians. I had the same technician for the last five years and then the last time I needed to have the HVAC tech come out and do my maintenance it was someone different. I was not expecting someone new to come to my door, and I definitely wasn’t expecting to have a woman come to my door. I would say that for a woman she made a great HVAC tech, but she was the best HVAC tech that I had ever had to work on my equipment. Not only was she extremely efficient, but she stayed long enough to answer some questions and give me some advice about my air conditioning unit. I was telling her how expensive it was to run the air conditioner. Over the last couple of months, I had noticed an even bigger increase in my energy bills and it had nothing to do with the higher electric rates. She told me that I should consider purchasing a portable air conditioning unit. During the evening when I was only in my bedroom, she said I should turn off the air conditioning unit and use the portable air conditioner in my bedroom. I noticed nearly $100 in savings on my following energy bill.
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I couldn’t find the HVAC system

A good friend of mine had been looking for her perfect home for over a year.

About two months ago she told me she found her dream home.

It was a condo in a nice part of town and there were schools for her young daughter. She couldn’t wait to get moved in so she could invite some of us over to see her house. She told me to bring my brother, the HVAC tech with me. I thought maybe she wanted him to check out the heating and air conditioning because she trusted him. Two weeks later there were four of us, including my brother, at Mary’s house lunch. She had a lovely little home and it looked like she belonged there. After lunch, she asked my brother to go along with her and I heard them laughing. She told us all to follow her because she wanted to show us the garage and her laundry room. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when I saw the HVAC system. The HVAC system was in the corner of her garage. I wouldn’t have thought to look there for it since I thought all AC units were outside. She told me that she wanted my brother there because she couldn’t find where to put the air filters when they needed changed. My brother was able to trace them down and he found a small opening in the laundry room that led to the HVAC system. The small opening was designed so you could reach in to change the air filters without going out into the garage.



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What good is luck when you only have bad luck with the AC?

I hear so many people say that ‘If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.’ and I am beginning to think they wrote that for me.

  • Ever since I bought my home three years ago, I have had nothing but bad luck with my air conditioning unit.

I was told that the air conditioning unit was new and that it wouldn’t give me any trouble, but they were wrong. That statement jinxed me because I had to call the HVAc company within three months of moving into the house. The air conditioning unit wasn’t giving me any cooling. Over that first year, I had the HVAC technician working on my AC unit on four different occasions. He told me about a special maintenance and repair plan that I could purchase just for the air conditioner. He told me that it was much cheaper than buying a full heating and air conditioning maintenance and repair plan. The best thing about the maintenance and repair agreement was that the HVAC tech was able to ascertain that the air conditioning was not new and in fact it was quite old. The air conditioning unit had been bought second hand when it was installed. I recently bought a brand new air conditioning unit for my home and I’ve not had any trouble since then. I continue to keep the maintenance and repair plan on the air conditioner so I can have my annual maintenance done without any further cost. I am so glad that the HVAC tech recommended that I put this plan onto my air conditioning unit.

New HVAC equipment

Cold mornings and hot afternoons need a good thermostat

I know that it sounds kind of strange, but I live in a pretty messed up area, where the weather is concerned.

  • I love where we live, but winter is the weirdest of all of the seasons.

I have awakened and had frost on the ground and by the time the afternoon arrives, I am turning on the air conditioning. I live in the south, and I have kind of gotten used to this kind of weather. I realized a long time ago, that if I were to survive this, I would need a good programmable thermostat. It was so nice being able to preset my thermostat so that it would give me heat in the morning and automatically switch over so I would have air conditioning in the afternoon. Unfortunately, at this time of year, I need to make sure my furnace and my air conditioning unit have been serviced. I wouldn’t want to go without either one of them. Then about two years ago, I discovered a Smart Thermostat. With the Smart Thermostat, I am able to set it and forget it. The Smart Thermostat is able to adjust to the outdoor climate and set the proper heating or air conditioning unit to the temperature I have chosen. If something would go wrong with the heating or air conditioning, the Smart Thermostat can also send an alert to the HVAC company. This is much better than the programmable thermostat. When you live in a climate like I do, you do whatever you need to do and buy whatever HVAC equipment you need, in order to survive.

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Winter is going to be early this year

Everyone says I am crazy for believing the weatherman but when he tells me that there is a long cold winter ahead, I believe him.

I feel that if he thinks it could be really cold, then I should be prepared. Even if it doesn’t get cold and miserable, I will be ready for when it does happen. I called the HVAC company about a month sooner than I normally would. I wanted some assurance that my heating system was going to work when the cold and snow arrived. I didn’t want to end up with any surprise breakdowns just when I needed the furnace the most. I also asked the HVAC company if they had a crew that could come to my home and clean the ductwork and the air ducts. I didn’t want to have a clogged air duct or clogged ductwork. I had my ductwork clog about ten years ago. I had a gas furnace at that time. When the ductwork clogged, it didn’t give enough airflow to the furnace. One of the components inside the furnace seized up and cracked. Because of the crack, we had carbon monoxide leaking into our home. If it hadn’t been for my wife insisting on a carbon monoxide detector, neither of us would be here right now. I want to make sure my HVAC system is fully prepared for whatever winter may bring us. Maybe it sounds crazy to some, but I know our furnace will be running when someone else may not have any heating. I’ll offer my home and heat to them, but I will be smiling because I had my furnace readied early in the season.


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Hooked on HVAC YouTube videos

It seems that people want to put everything onto the internet these days.

It doesn’t matter how stupid it makes you look, if what they are doing is illegal, or if it is dangerous, someone is going to find a way to video the act and put it on YouTube.

I am hooked on these YouTube videos. I don’t know if it is because I am in disbelief that someone would try such things, or if it is a fascination that they were able to survive the feat. Last week I was sitting at my computer and I saw a new video pop up. I am an HvAC tech and this one caught my eye because it was two young men trying to get an old furnace to blow up. I’m not sure why they thought it was a smart thing to blow up a furnace. I’m not even sure if they were smart enough to realize how dangerous it was to be near a furnace when it blew up. I just knew that I had to see just what these guys were doing. They were laughing as they walked up to this furnace and they began beating it with sledge hammers and an ax. I realized they were playing with an old gas furnace and I really hoped there wasn’t any gas in the chamber that could ignite from a spark. I flinched every time they hit the ignition chamber. You could tell they were getting frustrated and the one guy got a torch. He was smart to have stood back because all of a sudden that furnace flew up in the air. Flames were everywhere as the furnace flew apart and components were flying all over.
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I had cheap rent and good friends

When I lost my job, I also lost my apartment. I didn’t lose my job because of not doing it well, but because the business was outsourced. I tried to stay in my apartment while looking for a job, but it didn’t take long for my bank account to be depleted. I found a job but I could no longer afford to pay for the apartment. I had a good friend who had recently bought a house and he offered to let me rent a part of his home. The house had been two apartments and they were completely cut off from each other. The only work he completed was to remove the appliances in the kitchen area. He told me I could share meals with he and his wife but I would have to help buy the groceries. I loved the apartment but I had one problem. My friend was in control of the HVAC system. He had Zone Control in his part of the house, but I didn’t. It seemed that I was at the mercy of whatever temperature he and his wife set on their thermostat. I couldn’t handle it when she had the thermostat set to seventy-five because I liked it cooler in my home. I went to my friend and I asked him if I could put Zone Control into my part of the house. He told me he couldn’t afford it right now and I told him I would pay for the Zone Control. Once I had the Zone Control installed, I was totally comfortable. My new job is going well and I love my new apartment. I think I’ll stay here until I can get some money back into the bank account.

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