Why am I taking a biology test?

Of all the things I could have done, going to college was not the smartest thing I had ever done.

I had no reason to want to learn all the names of the muscles, bones and organs in the body.

I didn’t care if a frog had four stomachs or one. I could have cared less what the thymus gland was or why someone would take one from an animal and eat it. The reason they called it Sweet Breads, was also well beyond my comprehension. The only reason I had to pass this class and get out of school, was to make my parents happy. I would sit there with the air conditioning blowing on me to keep me awake as I studied. Without the air conditioning, I didn’t even think I would be able to remember what the leg and arm were. I hated biology and all of the other weird subjects that I had to take in order to graduate. Once I graduate, I know that I will never use any of this useless information again. I want to go to school for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. I just wish I could convince my dad that it would be easier to just quit college and go right into HVAC school. I could have my HVAC certification and working with a HVAC company even before I get my diploma from school. It’s amazing what we are willing to do to please our parents. I would love to be able to just go to school for HVAC, but instead I am going to college and I will be there for another full year.
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I chose HVAC because of my Grandpa

I could never quite figure out my grandfather. He seemed to have all the wisdom you needed to be able to survive in this world. When I first started talking about what I wanted to do with my life, he told me about HVAC. He said that ever since he could remember, there was someone who had some kind of air conditioning and heating. Everyone he knew had a furnace in their house, but he was getting married before he even thought it was possible to have air conditioning in his home. He said how expensive it was to have air conditioning in a home. He also told me that he had been paying attention to how the technology of heating and air conditioning had been changing over the years. He knew that when he got married, technology was so far advanced that it had made it less expensive and more affordable to most people. The one thing he kept saying was that technology was always going to be changing and the need for newer and better heating and air conditioning was always going to be there. When I made the decision to go to school to become an HVAC technician knew he was proud. After he passed, my grandmother told me that grandpa was the first HVAC technician in our area. For me to become an HVAC technician made him feel like he finally succeeded. When I graduated from HVAC school, I dedicated my certification to my grandfather. I knew that I was going to be doing something special with my life because of him.


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Dad did his own kind of maintenance

My dad was such an amazing man, but he had some really odd ways of doing things.

He seldom allowed the HVAC company to come in and work on the furnace or the air conditioner.

He had to be the one to do the maintenance on the HVAC system because he didn’t want to be charged for something that the HVAC company didn’t do, but charged him for. He always said that changing the air filter on a regular basis, was the first line of defense to keeping the HVAC system running well. If mom mentioned there was a noise in the heating or air conditioning, he would grab his huge rubber hammer and rap on the HVAC until the noise stopped. I couldn’t figure out how it worked, but it did. I do remember the one time he did call the HVAC company, there was something seriously wrong with the furnace and we had to have a new one installed. Over the past fifteen year, the one thing that has always stuck with me, is that I need to make sure the air filters are changed. I have my own home now with my own heating and air conditioning. I change the air filters quite often, but I’ve not yet had the guts to take my hammer down and knock on either the furnace or the air conditioning unit. I need to make sure my HVAC runs well so I do have to confess that I call the HVAC company. I just don’t have the finesse and knowledge of hammers that my dad had.

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Colleges need to focus more on real life learning

I know that when I was in college, I learned a lot of good things.

The only thing I wasn’t able to learn was how to do something that would help me out in life.

I really think that when you are in college, they should prepare you for life. I know that there are some colleges that are able to focus on both knowledge and real life, but not all of them have that ability. All schools have in mind is no child left behind. I agree with this, but shouldn’t they at least learn how to survive when they are kicked out without a real education. Once I decided to go to college, I wasn’t happy with my decision. All I wanted was to get out.. I finished one year, but then I wanted out. I wanted to do something with my life that would make a difference. I sat there in my bedroom, thinking about how good the air conditioning felt and I felt like someone had slapped me in the head. I knew that I wanted to go to school and become an HVAC technician. I wouldn’t be slammed with classes that weren’t needed. I wanted to take the classes that were going to help me with my life choice. I wanted to learn about heating, furnaces, air conditioning and smart thermostats. Once I got done with all of my studies, I was a certified HVAC technician. I have never looked back on my choice of schools and I am able to take care of my family on my salary.
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The HVAC needs to be fixed

I don’t think of myself as a do-gooder, but I do have to admit that I love helping others.

I think that was instilled in me by my grandparents.

Grandma was always out helping others and my grandfather would stop to help anyone who was broken down along the side of the road. I went to the auto parts store the other day. A friend of mine was broken down in the parking lot and he knew it was his alternator. I went to the auto parts store and got the alternator. I even helped him to install it. In return, a couple days later, he was helping me out. I run a homeless shelter. We have people coming and going all of the time. We serve three meals a day and we have a daycare center in case someone is trying to look for a job. We also have family rooms and a large dormitory full of beds. There is heating and air conditioning to keep our residents comfortable. I got to the shelter the other morning and the air conditioning wasn’t working. I had to get the AC fixed, but I couldn’t afford it. I called my friend and asked him to help me solicit everyone and get us some help. We ended up with three large window air conditioners and enough money to be able to fix the air conditioning unit.. We also had several donations of food that gave us enough food to feed five hundred people for a full month. I know that all of our regular residents were grateful for the air conditioning and the food

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I could win a car on a game show

I don’t know about you or anyone else, I have one game show that I can’t stand to miss.

I feel like my day isn’t complete if I don’t sit down and watch ‘The Price is Right’. To be honest, it almost makes me angry when I see all of those people up there and know how many applications I have sent in to get onto the show. I sit here watching them trying to guess at the price of different items and looking like fools. I know just about every price and I get close to my guesses being perfect. I would easily be able to win one of those cars. I can’t believe all of the cars they give away. They have those cars that are environmentally friendly, but they also have the big fancy cars. I imagine what it would be like to drive around in one of those cars. I would have the climate control on and be in absolute comfort. Perfect heating and air conditioning is something I have always wanted in a car. Then you have the luxurious cars that also have climate control in the seats. You not only have total comfort in the cab of the car, but you can adjust the heating and air conditioning in your seats. If I could only get on the ‘The Price is Right’ and be able to put my bid in. It would be so much better if I could be there instead of sitting in my air conditioned living room watching it on television.

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I got a free air conditioning unit

I am not always someone who has a lot of good fortune. I am far from what you would call lucky, but sometimes things just come together in the right way. It was just a couple of months ago when my air conditioning unit quit working. I was really upset because it was the middle of summer. I called the HVAC company thinking they would send someone out to look at the AC unit. I was told that I had to wait for two to three days before a HVAC technician could come and fix the AC unit. I was really bummed out and I was getting ready to cry. I had my radio on listening to my favorite station when I heard them announce that were giving away one AC unit an hour for the next six hours. To win, you had to be the ninth caller and you had to know the last five songs they had played. I always had this radio station on, and I decided to write down the name of every song played for the next hour. If anyone was going to win an air conditioner, I wanted it to be me. I tried for the next three hours, to win an air conditioner. It was getting warmer in the house, with every hour that passed. Finally I heard them say that I was the ninth caller. When I named off the songs, they announced that I was the winner of the air conditioner. The best part was that they were going to deliver the AC unit within a couple of hours. I couldn’t wait to feel some cool air in the house again.


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My son wanted his own AC unit in his bedroom

My son came home from school the other day and all he kept talking about was my taking him to town.

He wanted to go to town and purchase a window air conditioning unit for his bedroom. I remembered telling him that when he was able to pay for half of an air conditioner, I would buy it for him. There was no way he was able to save almost $100 out of his allowance. I told him that we couldn’t afford the air conditioning unit and he showed me a $100 bill. He said that he found it sticking out of a trash bin when he was going through the park to come home from school. He promised me he had looked all over to find the owner, but there wasn’t anyone around. I knew that if we told the police, it would sit there for six weeks and then one of them would keep it. I decided to follow through with my promise and take him shopping for his new air conditioning unit. When we got to the store, I was surprised at all of the choices we had to make. I was shocked at how expensive window air conditioners had become. We had a customer service rep help us to pick out an air conditioner for us. Even though we chose one of the cheaper AC units, it was still $150. We weren’t even home for ten minutes when my son wanted to have the AC unit installed He didn’t even want to wait the hour until his father got home, so the AC could be installed properly.

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I’m good with just being an astronomer

I think it may be every boy’s dream to someday become an astronaut. After I learned about all of the classes I had to ace in college, I wasn’t so sure I would be able to make it. I was almost ready for college, but I knew I couldn’t get all of the maths and learned all of the sciences that was needed to be an astronaut. I couldn’t even lose the weight I would need to use. I really wanted to see different planets. I wanted to soar through the stars and feel what it was like to walk on the moon. I found out that if I were to buy a telescope, I wouldn’t be able to walk on the moon, but I could see it. I could watch the stars and even chart the different craters on the moon. This made me excited and I even made changes to my house to make it possible for me to be able to see the sky better. I put a skylight in the attic and I was able to get a really good telescope and I had it set up to look through the skylight. The best part of all of this is that I have really good heating and air conditioning to keep me comfortable while I was watching the sky. Unlike something going wrong with the space capsule and you end up burning up, I won’t have something happening in my home. I won’t have to worry about not having enough or even too much heating and air conditioning. I’m thinking my astronomy is better than being an astronaut.

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Hunting and portable HVAC systems are now the norm for me

When my son was younger, he always wanted to go hunting with me. I wasn’t sure if he would really enjoy hunting. I would spend hours up in a tree stand, patiently waiting for a deer to go by. I couldn’t see my son being so patient. There were days when it was cold that my fingers were numb and yet days when I would sweat up on that metal ledge. I finally decided that it was time to allow him to go along with me. He loved the cabin when we got there. He thought it was the coolest cabin he had even been in. He also liked the small pot belly fireplace and how warm it kept the room. It took him a couple of minutes to realize that we weren’t going to spend all of our time here in the cabin. I took him out into the woods and I showed him where we would be sitting for the next couple of hours. It was really cold outside and I was glad I had made him wear his heavy clothing. I pulled a small portable HvAC system out of my bag and I quickly had it running. The HVAC system was able to give heating or air conditioning for several hours, once it was fully charged. When he realized I actually shot the deer, he got a bit worried. He told me liked the special heating we had out here, and the fireplace in the cabin, but he wanted to stay in the cabin while I hunted. He didn’t know if he could eat the meat if he had to see it before it became meat.


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