We lucked out with the a/c repair

All of us were only staying for the low cost drinks, however now all of us got cheap drinks with good cooling too

On a night out with friends, I came across a bar that was genuinely warm and stuffy inside. This is not odd for a bar that has a lot of people boozing, dancing and dripping with sweat. I had been to this area before though. They never have it too warm in there. There also weren’t a lot of people in there to begin with. An employee approached me and said that the A/C was broken and would not be fixed until the next day. Although it was overheated and I was sweaty, my friends and I stayed in the bar with no AC. We wanted to have a good time. The owner noticed that our group still stayed and offered us half off our tab! We all thought this must be our lucky evening. We decided to stay the entire time. To our surprise, the bar was starting to get colder as it got to get further on in the evening. I wanted to know what the deal was and I asked around. The bartender told me that there was a customer that was a HVAC worker. They lucked out and the woman genuinely drove her HVAC van to the bar. She noticed the cooling system issue and grabbed her equipment. For a few free beers she fixed the bar cooling system. I thought that was genuinely lucky for us. All of us were only staying for the low cost drinks, however now all of us got cheap drinks with good cooling too. It was a genuinely fun evening out and the bar lucked out with that cooling system repair. It could have been expensive, instead it was just a few beers worth.

a/c set up

Everyone should get the certification

I took classes to learn more about heating and air.

Not only that, I got myself NATE certified.

That means I had to take a few exams and log in field hours where I shadowed another certified and licensed HVAC professional. I learned so much about HVAC and got to experience hands on. Why did I do so much? I wanted to be as capable as possible to work in the field of heating and cooling. I didn’t want to get a job based on my last name. My whole family is a part of a Heating & Air Conditioning business. From the time I was a teen, I would climb into attics to repair air ducts in addition to HVAC vents with my father on repair runs. I would change air filters, scrub the inside of HVAC machines and handle equipment when I was not even driving yet. I didn’t want to just get the career because I was handy though. I wanted to prove to my family that I have the know-how. It is also great to tell customers about my higher education. Being NATE certified isn’t necessary, however it is a nice little add on. My whole family now is talking about pretty much everyone getting this qualification. It will require them to take exams and then they need another NATE certified person watching them do repairs. How funny that I will be that person for them. Hopefully after all this studying, all of us will make more money and be better at our jobs.


Cooling workman

It was what I was meant for

Starting a new job can be tiring. Some people don’t get what they want to do for a living until much later in life. With all of the jobs out there, there is a job for pretty much everyone. Finding the perfect career can be difficult and take years to locate. Occasionally, people never find the perfect thing for them to do. They seem to work horrible jobs their entire life. That wasn’t what happened to me though. I knew that I wanted to work in the Heating & Air Conditioning industry since I was a small child. The Heating & Air Conditioning industry was something that my father, cousins in addition to uncles all did. I grew up hearing the Heating & Air Conditioning terminology in addition to listening to the men in the family problem solve on the weekends. Eventually, my family started their own Heating & Air Conditioning business. The men ran the company in the field and the ladies handled the accounts, calls and ordering supplies. It became a sizable thing for pretty much everyone. I knew I would go take courses in HVAC, get certified, licensed and then work in the family dealership. I should have begun Heating & Air Conditioning classes at a much younger age. I should have instantly gathered information online and l acquired all I could. I thought I might be destined for something else. I was consistently the odd duck. So I tried some different things before realizing it wasn’t the family pushing myself and towards HVAC, I am just talented in that industry. Now I am a HVAC business and genuinely glad with what I do.


Air conditioning repair

Making friends through HVAC

After I graduated from school, I met a girl Mary who was debating going into the Heating & Air Conditioning field.

Mary said that a lot of her buddies and family members had gotten involved in Heating & Air Conditioning industry that led to successful jobs.

Mary decided to look into an Heating & Air Conditioning classes. She quickly acquired that classes were starting soon and you needed to pay for classes quicker than she imagined. In order to pay for the Heating & Air Conditioning technical classes, she decided to start picking up more hours at the restaurant to make more money to fund this dream. Her coworkers in addition to friends started to notice that she was working a lot more than typical. When they asked Mary what she was planning on doing with all of that cash, she told him about the Heating & Air Conditioning business job. The more people she talked about Heating & Air Conditioning classes with, the more people she linked with that had experience in the Heating & Air Conditioning industry. As it turns out, a lot of people are working in the field of heating and air. A lot of people need HVAC repair too. Mary ended up saving a whole bunch of phone numbers from people who wanted her to call them when she was licensed. This way she could start out her new job with quite a bit of business. She wouldn’t have to work her way up the corporate ladder and make next to nothing. With all this assistance, she was able to have official customers supplying her a nice career right off the bat.

furnace filter

The car cooling wasn’t working for awhile

For the second Summer in a row, I am stuck without any A/C in my car. Last summer, I went through the same thing. I live in an area that gets genuinely hot. There are people that don’t ever leave their a/c. They go from an air conditioner system in the house, to a heavy air conditioning system in the car and then finish a meal in a restaurant with cooling. Having a car that has no A/C is almost worse than having a car that has no brakes. In my opinion, having a car with no A/C is possibly worse than having sticky turning gears or a broken tail light. I hate being super hot, sweaty and fighting mildew in our car. My job requires myself and others to drive around too! I refuse to show up to meet customers overheated and stinky. That is why I took my automobile into the auto shop recently. I drove up to the shop in addition to noticed there were a lot of cars parked outside already. It seemed like pretty much everyone wanted service. I called a friend to come get me so I didn’t have to wait on our cooling system repair all morning. When I went inside, the mechanic told me it was not easy to diagnose the problem, he had to do a full A/C inspection. I agreed and wanted to know the price tag on that. The mechanic couldn’t tell me. I figured it was worth every cent to get cooling in the car. Well the man must have done a lot more than repair the cooling because my bill was over 1000! At least I now have cooling to drive around with.

a/c care plan

Finding the right HVAC for his trailer

My dad got a trailer this year, and dad has plans to go to all of the National Parks in the country using this large trailer. Traveling in a trailer can be comfortable if you have the right tools for heating in addition to an a/c system. In some situations, there is no need for heating and cooling when going on the road. My dad is someone who doesn’t need to have A/C all the time if it is not necessary. My dad’s greatest problem is staying overheated during the winter. Occasionally, you can find great deals on used portable heating devices for a trailer. Many people get these in addition to then notice that they do not need them for the weather they have. Most of the time people are comfortable in a trailer with just the warmth that is given by the sun. Some people travel to chillier regions where a portal furnace is required for those long, cold evenings on the road. My father wants to be prepared in either situation. In some cases, he will need a portable A/C in addition to in other cases he will need the furnace for long trips on the road that are quite cold. My dad is genuinely enthusiastic to start up his new life on the road! My dad will be free from work in addition to other tasks. He plans on spending the next few years exploring the country. I suppose to each his own, living in a trailer and relying on that kind of HVAC doesn’t appeal to me.


air conditioning

The a/c is what scared her

I found a cat under our grill in the yard.

I suppose the cat was abandoned, and so I decided to adopt the little girl in addition to give her the best life I could.

Within a day, the cat was already getting comfortable with her new life. She had string, nice meals, a soft bed, in addition to lots of love. The only thing that genuinely scared the cat was the central a/c system. When the A/C comes on, she would jump up high into the air. When the cooling system turned off, she was playful in addition to happy. I noticed this fear by accident. I am used to the central A/C clicking off in addition to on throughout the day. The noise is quite distinct, however after time you will get used to it. I had the cat for a few nights and I know she is already starting to adjust to the loud AC. This month when the main A/C kicked on, she didn’t hop around or scurry under the bed like what she had done in the past. In fact, she didn’t even move when the central A/C came on this time. I have had cats in the past, but never one so little and afraid. She is so tiny that I worry she will fall through the cracks in the sofa. She has only been in our apartment for a few weeks and she has already adjusted to our main cooling system. I am just so dang proud of her. I am distraught that we might be experiencing current problems in the Winter with our gas furnace.


Cooling representative

Didn’t know there was portable a/c

This small cooling system is perfect for overheated Summer times on the beach.

I noticed a man who was wearing something weird around his head. With a heat index of 114 degrees, not too many people ventured down to the sand for the holiday break. However, a few of us local men and women were not opposed to heading down to the sand for a morning full of sight seeing. Those who were sitting on the beach were genuinely going to be uncomfortable in this climate. I started to notice that this man with the odd device around his head did not look bothered by the heat at all. All of a sudden, I realized that the man was wearing a portable cooling system for walking around the sand. I walked up to him to see it closer. As I got closer to him, I could feel the cool air blowing around his body. This was a powerful portable cooling system, no doubt about that. The man wearing the portable a/c system told me it was around $1,000 in addition to that he lives alone so that is all he does for a cooling system. The component is so strong, yet portable. He is able to use it while laying in bed, working in addition to running. This small cooling system is perfect for overheated Summer times on the beach. He made the little cooling system device look so tempting. I already own a big cooling system at home. But, having a portable cooling system on a motorcycle ride, or when I go out to dinner sounds like a super great idea. I wonder if our HVAC company sells them.


ductwork sealing

What the noise actually was

The pine cones were falling into the A/C through where the vents had rusted and made an opening in the AC.

In the center of the night, I was woken up by a sound that scared me a lot. I thought that someone was busting into our family room. I have started noticing during the morning that the ductless A/C has been making some odd noises… For instance, a few mornings ago I was putting away laundry in the house, I heard a loud banging coming from where the ductless A/C is located. I looked outside in addition to didn’t notice a bird or a child. The noise that I heard sounded like someone threw a small pebble at the window. I was not sure what the noise was, so I went about our day. The next morning, I heard the sound again. I looked outside in addition to had seen nothing. Then, in the middle of the evening, I realized exactly what the noise was. There were pine cones falling from a tree near the ductless AC. The pine cones were falling into the A/C through where the vents had rusted and made an opening in the AC. I was so aggravated that the sound was coming from the rusted ductless AC. Without giving it any thought, I texted our property owner to unconnect that piece of crap so I could get a better cooling system. That was the thing that was keeping me awake! I needed ductless A/C that was protected from the outdoor elements like rain, falling pine cones and wind. I don’t think my property owner is going to pay that hefty price tag though.

air filter

My dad getting into HVAC

Growing up, my father was always into a do-it-yourself kind of guy. My dad would research anything he could to keep from having to pay someone else to do it. Occasionally, our dad would even mess the project up even worse by trying to repair it himself. I remember one time my dad tried to repair the dishwasher in addition to ruined it so badly that it had to be repaired on an emergency basis. When I was really young, our father went into the Heating & Air Conditioning repair industry. My father was super smart in addition to resourceful, and he found happiness in repairing things. It made him feel great about himself. When our dad decided to go to Heating & Air Conditioning university, the family talked about how this would be fun for him. My father had already spent most of his life sitting in an office in front of a screen in addition to having consistently wanted to do something more hands-on. The Heating & Air Conditioning program lasted for over a year. My dad was able to work his normal job while he took the evening classes at the local community. Dad talked about how much he learned in Heating & Air Conditioning class, but also about how much he already knew. My dad was going to be a great Heating & Air Conditioning dealer… Not only was he smart with the machines, but he was eager to improve his skill set. He started the Heating & Air Conditioning business job straight out of the program.


Air conditioner service