Are you a Heating & A/C tech; or a web developer.

I had my friend Bob tell me that if I wanted my Heating & A/C company to fail; I should continue doing what I was doing.

I just looked at Bob while thinking that she was crazy, because why would I want my Heating & A/C company to fail, & what could make Bob suppose that way? Bob smiled & told me to suppose about it! That was all I was thinking about, or I would not have called Bob.

I needed someone who would supply me with new ideas on how to build the business & not let it fail. It was then I realized Bob was giving me the same spiel she gave her customers, however I was her good friend. I asked Bob point blank; what did I need to do to make my company grow? She smiled & told me; thanks for asking, but then she started telling me how I should have a website letting potential customers think about what services I provided. I shouldn’t talk about myself so much as I should talk about the Heating & A/C info and know-how my Heating & A/C specialists have. Bob looked at me determinedly, like she was trying to hypnotize me, & told me that I’m a Heating & A/C specialist; not a web developer. Bob told me she was a web developer, & I needed him. I punched him in the shoulder & told Bob that is why I asked him to come over. Bob started laughing & said that occasionally she got into the online salesperson mode, & this was it. Bob provided help with the new website & told me what she normally charged. Bob said she would split the cost in half for me.


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