Commercial properties are my next step

I started getting into real estate when I was quite young. I lucked out by buying a small home that was on a sand patch that was once a lake. When the lake came back I hired out home repair services and sold the house for a huge profit. I have since done this quite a few times. I look at homes for sales and apartments for sale. I either have a general contractor repair them and flip it, or I keep the place for rent. Having apartments for rent and homes for rent makes quite a bit of money. Those monthly paychecks I do put into my rentals. I feel like I am constantly hiring out handyman jobs in order to keep the places going. It sometimes is a furnace repair, electrical issue or a plumbing emergency. Nobody is just good, you know. There sometimes is money leftover to put into another rental though. Right now I am looking into commercial property sales. I want to change over from apartments and homes to storage facilities and businesses. My ideal would be to own a mini storage facility and rent out each unit. Can you imagine the money I would make from this? I am not against buying a building or a stretch of buildings and having businesses put in there. Dealing with a business owner rather than a tenant is a much easier process. You typically get a better class of person this way. They are better about paying the bills and will stick around loger. I know there are even some property leases that state the renter has to pay for all the repairs.

Apartment rentals