Getting a new HVAC unit

My partner works quite hard to provide for our family, however for many years, it was just him bringing in an income.

I fell ill after giving birth to my first born. It was a hard journey and I had to be home most of the time! My partner was my rock for he never once complained about the heavy burden on his shoulders. I was also lucky that my mom moved in with us to help take care of the 2 little boys as I got better, however about 2 years later, I managed to find work at a local grocery store and loved it. It felt wonderful to be independent and earn money to help out at home. 2 years ago, we started putting money in a savings account to change the Heating and A/C system in the house, we had an issue with the Heating and A/C system during summer time and phoneed the area Heating and A/C worker, however she did manage to repair the Heating and A/C system however told us to start preparing to buy a new unit. We always think about the importance of planning so we started putting money aside. A new energy efficient unit costs upwards of $5000. We didn’t have that amount available at that time to get a current Heating and A/C system! But, Last year we had enough money saved up and phoned the Heating and A/C business to get a quote. Now, we are just waiting for the Heating and A/C crew to come by and install the new Heating and A/C system in our home. There are 2 things we are grateful for when it comes to this Heating and A/C upgrade. First, we both got to contribute to this savings method and have purchased a great unit. Second, we get 25% off the upgrade cost for the new unit.



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