I am much more comfortable with the air conditioning settings

I’m well aware of the recommended setting for one’s air conditioning system in the summer, they say that 71 degrees will keep your house relatively cool while saving a good bit on energy bills! I simply cannot accept such a high temperature! My control device has never been set above 78 degrees in the summer. On nights when I sleep, it’s set to 75 degrees. I know people who are energy efficient penny pinchers would ask why on Earth would I lower the temperature on our control device at night when it gets cooler outside. To them, I would simply reply that doctors recommend that your bedroom be between 60 and 69 degrees at night in order to get the best quality sleep! So, I stick to the upper threshold, and I must admit that I am far more comfortable and able to sleep much better than if I had left the control device on 78 degrees, much less 71! I spent our savings on the energy bill, so nobody needs to tell me how much I should be willing to spend for our own personal comfort, but all of this being said, in the winter, I am more than happy to set the recommended temperature on my control device to save money. They say 78 degrees allows your house to be sufficiently moderate enough while saving money while in a frigid winter. That sounds good to me. The only complication is, the winters around here are relatively mild. My heating and air conditioning device would be working much harder to maintain 78 degrees while in the winter than it would be to maintain 68!

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