I love how the office felt that moring

I’ve been working for this contractor in my small town for a year.

I chose to move back home after college to be with my dad! He got ill during the pandemic and for a moment it was touch and go! Since then, he has been getting better, but I didn’t want to be too far away from him and my mom has never been happier having me around to hang out with her.

I applied for a job at a local contractor in the area and got it, however ever since I started working there, things have been great. However, about a month ago, there was a slight change in the general atmosphere at work. People began falling ill, which all of us found to be quite distressing, then we were all exhibiting the same symptoms so all of us suspected it was an issue with the a/c, but my boss, who also had the sniffles, had to get to the bottom of this issue. We left the office on a Friday and she promised an Heating and A/C contractor was sending a crew over to inspect the commercial a/c. I did some research when I got and realized the importance of proper duct cleaning. Failure to do so would cause mold, mildew and bacteria to grow in the duct. Spores would come flying into a room the more people use an a/c causing them to fall ill, then thankfully, my boss is the best and she kept her word about fixing the a/c. The office was so much better when all of us opted to go back to work on Monday.


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