I wanted to talk to an interior designer.

When the two of us had our beachside house built, I did not want to take all of our seasoned and dingy furniture to the new house. Most of our furniture was pieces of furniture that had been donated to us by other family members, when Bob and I first got married. Although much of it was still decent, I still wanted to talk to an interior designer before furnishing the modern home. I called up a local interior design dealer, as well as asked if they could send someone over to our modern home. This girl raved about the layout of our home as well as started talking about everything that the two of us could do with it. I showed him pictures of our new furniture pieces as well as told him I would enjoy to keep as much of it as possible. I could see her face fall as she looked at the pictures, as well as all I could see was disgust. She said how frayed the upholstery was on our sofa as well as chairs. She said that our wooden table as well as chairs were worn out as well as had no value. When she glanced at our antique Dunkin Donuts Coffee table, she grimaced as well as just turned the picture over. I asked him if he’d gone to interior design school, as well as she said she had received from the best. I wasn’t so sure about him studying from the best, but I was quite sure that she had l received wisdom from some of the best snobs they had in the interior design department. There wasn’t 1 single piece of furniture the two of us all owned that she thought was suitable for our house. That’s when I knew that this interior design contractor was not right for us.

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