My glamorous dining room made me happy!

When I was younger, I always pictured myself as having a very glamorous dining room love those used in the movies of the 1940s. I was going to marry a rich man who would give me the silver plated mirror frame to go at the back of our bed. My bed was going to be simple but elegant, with deep sweeping lines & amazing detail on the posts. I pictured myself sitting on the bed in a glamorous and slinky nightgown, waiting for our spouse come to bed. When I got older, I realized that getting a glamorous dining room was not going to be as incostly as I wanted, & our system of a glamorous dining room missed the mark for this week’s world. I would still try to get the glamorous dining room of our dreams, if I was willing to shell out thousands & thousands of dollars, but our spouse Max & I didn’t have it. Instead, Max asked a neighbor of his to build us a headboard & footboard to go with a rather plain mattress & box Springtimes. Max had a matching chiffarobe that has the same design on the doors as all of us kept on our headboard & footboard. When the neighbor was done with the carving & staining of the wood, I was ecstatic. Although it wasn’t a grand dining room that Marlena Dietrich may have spent time in during his movies, it was still the perfect grand dining room for Max & I to savor for the rest of our lives. The 1st night our glamorous dining room was in location, I put on our most glamorous set of pajamas, curled up in the blanket, & watched a movie with Max.


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