My little brother wanted to install a grand lake house theater.

I savor our brother Bob, however he has some weird ideas about what he can do with his small home, but last week, Bob told me he was going to convert his entire basement into a grand lake house theater.

I looked around his basement, & asked Bob where he was going to get a grand screen from, which did not make his cheerful.

Bob simply told me where there’s a will, there’s a way, although I wasn’t having it. Bob’s basement had dirt floors, the natural gas furnace was taking up the back quarter of the basement, & his washer & dryer were both standing on boards in the other corner. I asked Bob how many people would be going into that grand lake house theater, & he told me it would be whomever he invited; which I was quite sure was not going to be me. Bob was picturing a wall with a door, going up in front of the washer, dryer, & gas furnace. Bob was going to have his spouse cement over the dirt, & put heavy carpeting over the cement. Bob showed me where he was going to have the sizable movie screen, & how he would set the chairs up on platforms so people could stand behind each other & still see the movie screen. Bob even had an system of where he was going to location the movie camera to project the movies onto the screen, then knowing our brother, I was sure that if Bob accomplished what he wanted for the basement, he would easily have a grand lake house theater. When I hugged Bob, I told him that I hope it comes to fruition because I would love to experience his new grand lakeside house theater when it is done.

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