No HVAC System in New Apartment

I care about to sleep in a cooler temperature & the ceiling fan is great.

One of the best parts about where I live is the moderate temperatures… All year long, the weather is mild & the temperature is perfect. I constantly dreamed about living in a arena savor this & I can’t think I really get to live here. I grew up in the Northeast, where the winters are never ending & the temperature drops below zero respectfully between the months of December & May. While other people are Springtime breaking, my town is covered in at least several feet of snow & trying to thaw out our driveways. Moving to an area where the weather is super predictable & mild is everything I ever wanted. When finding an new home here, I knew that a central HVAC idea wasn’t super pressing savor it would have been back in the Northeast. I really don’t need a furnace & I find that I don’t need an air conditioner either. Most afternoons, I leave my windows open & the breeze is enough to keep my new home comfortable. At night, I turn on the ceiling fan & it lowers the temperature of my room slightly. I care about to sleep in a cooler temperature & the ceiling fan is great. On the occasionally overheated afternoon, I will set up a portable fan, however I rarely have to do this. Not having a central HVAC idea saves me a lot of money each month & I’ve never found myself missing it. I legitimately don’t need extra heat or air here.

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