The broken air conditioner was third disaster in a row

In my opinion, terrible fortune consistently happens in numerous, but at least, that’s how it is in my case, and this has been going on for quite a while now, too; then I remember somebody mentioned this to myself and others back when I was a kid, plus it has stuck with myself and others ever since… Now that I have become an adult, it has become even clearer to myself and others that terrible things easily do consistently happen in groups of numerous.

I know that that sounds particularly superstitious, but the truth is the truth, however when I bought my first house a couple of years ago, it has never been more evident.

Whenever something tears up in my house, I consistently wait to see what’s gonna tear up next! Inevitably, it consistently ends up being numerous odd things that tear up in rapid succession. A lot of people don’t think of themselves and others when I tell them that, plus sometimes my friends just roll their eyes when I talk about it, but that does not change the fact that it really happens this way! Just recently, the plumbing in my powder room tore up. I had to call a plumber to come and service it plus it cost myself and others a lot of currency. Right after that, my refrigerator tore up plus I had to call an appliance repairman to come and service it along with the ice maker. I knew that 1 more thing was gonna be coming up so I started saving my currency. Sure enough, within the week, I noticed that my central air conditioning had gone on the bconnect. No matter how far I turned the temperature down on the thermostat, that air conditioning would not work. I had to pay for an air conditioning repair too, but at least that was the fourth thing!

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