There’s just no pleasing the HOA over HVAC unit

My wife was the main driver when it came to our move to this gated community.

  • I wasn’t so sure about living in the sort of place and I’m even less so now.

It just doesn’t feel all that great to live with all these rich people. For some reason, even a decade after hitting it big myself, I can’t see myself as rich. I just can’t. The house we lived in was perfectly fine for me. We had great quality heating and air along with all sorts of other good stuff. But with all the money we made from selling the business, my wife wanted a serious life upgrade. So we bought this house in a gated community that we then spent nearly a year renovating. We replaced all the appliances including the HVAC equipment. We now have the latest in residential HVAC and all the HVAC technology that comes with that. It’s pretty impressive really to have the best quality heating and air I’ve ever experienced. I’m also taking full advantage of the zone controlled HVAC throughout the house. That has been a real winner as well. But the HOA is really wanting to battle us over the fact that the new HVAC unit is not one of the colors of preference. I mean who cares? For one, it’s my HVAC unit and it’s actually mostly hidden by a privacy hedge. You have to be a just the right angle in the right spot to even see the HVAC equipment. So I have to keep going back and forth with them so much that I think I may just turn it all over to my lawyers to make it all stop.