Window tinting for security reasons

I am a single girl in her 20s and I get nervous being home alone. I don’t live in a very populated area. I am mainly surrounded by woods. So the chance of a robber or criminal coming into my house is very low. However, I really don’t want to take a chance with my safety. I have invested in all types of home security measures. I bought motion activated lights for the front and back of my house. I have security cameras mounted outside of both of my windows. I have locks on the windows and an alarm system for my house. The last change was adding a window tint to all the windows. I didn’t feel the blinds and curtains were secure enough. You also can tell when lights are on in the house with curtains or blinds. So adding a window tint was a better option. I can be in my house and be totally secure. What is great is that the window tint doesn’t allow outside visibility, strictly inside. So I can peer out all my windows and nobody’s the wiser. I can walk around my house in my underwear and it isn’t a problem. It is a fairly low cost security measure that everyone should have. The window tinting company did the whole house in a day and it wasn’t that much money. I will need to call for window tinting maintenance someday but that will be years down the road. For now I am going to have perfectly blocked out windows to keep me safe.



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